Water Damage Restoration Repair

Does your business need Water Damage Restoration Repair in Vancounver area?

Has your business or building been affected by water damage? Restoring this water damage quickly and professionally is essential for the sustainability of your structure. Polycrete Restorations offers Water Damage Restoration Repair for structures of all types and projects of all sizes. Need a professional opinion about your water damage? Call one of Polycrete’s many experts to discuss your specific situation.

Types of Water Damage Restoration Repair

Water damage can be classified into four different classes of damage: Class 1, Class 2, Class 3 and Class 4.

Class 1 Water Damage has the least amount of water. These situations typically have water damage in only parts of a room or area. They may also be larger areas that have little amounts of moisture.

Class 2 Water Damage includes situations that have damage in an entire room. A standard classification is water damage affecting less than 24” of the walls of the room. Structural materials such as plywood, particleboard, structural wood and concrete will have moisture remaining in them.

Class 3 Water Damage is the most significant amount of water damage. Water will have affected walls over 24” and will have spread into ceilings, insulation, sub-floor and more.

Class 4 Water Damage is a specialty water damage classification. This classification is for water damaged materials that have very low porosity such as concrete, brick, plaster and hardwood.

Polycrete Restorations is able to help with your water damage restoration no matter the classification or difficulty of the issue. Give our water damage experts a call to discuss the best options for your structure.

Talk to Polycrete – Vancouver’s Water Damage Restoration Repair Experts

Does your structure need high quality water damage restoration repair in Vancouver? Polycrete Restorations has a very experienced team of water damage restoration professionals. We can provide tailored water damage repair solutions to your individual structural issue. Our team will analyze the situation and recommend the best solution for your business.

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