How Shot Blasting Works

Shot blasting in Vancouver is surging in popularity as a clean, effective, eco-friendly and economical choice for preparing metal and concrete surfaces.

Let’s take a look at how shot blasting works and its advantages:

  • Shot blasters are special walk-behind or ride-on machines that propel high-speed steel shot at a surface using centrifugal force and compressed air. The shot blasts off the surface layer of the concrete or metal along with any contaminants, old paint or coatings, rust and dirt. Shot blasting is an easy one-step way to strip, clean and profile surfaces for recoating and overlays.
  • Eco-friendly! One of the many advantages of shot blasting is that it cuts down or eliminates the need for harsh chemicals. It also creates very little airborne dust and debris, because the high power vacuum sucks up the waste and separates it from the steel shot, which is recirculated and used again.
  • Multi-functional. Whether you need a fine, matte or rough surface, shot blasting can do it! It produces the consistent and uniform surface you want. Need to clean a concrete surface to refinish it? Use small shot to provide the ideal smooth and dry surface for immediate coating. The larger shot is perfect if you need to roughen a concrete substrate to provide slip resistance or create a unique look for decorative coatings.
  • …and more! New protective coatings are more resistant and last longer because they adhere extremely well to a shot-blasted surface due to the mechanical bond that is created. The cleaned surface is free of dust, concrete scaling and chemical deposits—this is crucial for preparation of the substrate before coating. It may also help you detect surface issues so you can deal with them before they become a full-blown restoration project.
  • Tips on techniques. More than one pass with the shot blaster may be required to remove thick layers of old coating or deep rust. Use the smallest shot possible for any job—it will give you better coverage and increased production rates. And if your surface to be shot blasted has concrete of varying hardness, adapt the speed of the machine—faster tends to remove less material at a time. 

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