Shot Blasting

Decontaminate Your Concrete Surface before Restoration with Shot Blasting in Vancouver

What is Shot Blasting?

When you’re considering various options for surface preparation of concrete shot blasting in Vancouver is one of the most common and cost-effective solutions.

This particular technique features a high velocity, controlled blast of a selected type of shot that creates an abrasive impact, eliminating surface contaminates, old coatings and other unwanted surface elements prior to initiating your surface restoration.

Benefits of Shot Blasting

When you choose shot blasting in Vancouver to prepare your concrete surface, there are a number of benefits associated with this surface preparation method:

  • Eliminates the need to use environmentally harmful and harsh chemical products
  • Improves durability and quality of the protective surface
  • Removes chemical deposits, scales and any dust content will have been completely eliminated
  • Ensures an adequate mechanical bond with the new surface materials introduced

Types of Shot

While the most common type of shot blasting includes blasting the selected surface with small steel pellets, there are various other types of shot available as well. Those include:

  • Chilled Iron Grit – If you need oxides or paints removed, this abrasive material is ideal. However, it also an aggressive method that is not appropriate for softer metals.
  • Steel Grit – If you have a tough steel surface that has deeply ingrained contaminates use steel grit for aggressive cleaning.

Request Shot Blasting in Vancouver

When you have a surface that requires deep cleaning prior to any type of renovation, call Polycrete to schedule shot blasting.