Very few things last forever, and construction materials are no exception. Recognizing this fact, Polycrete Restorations Ltd. commenced operations in 1978 with the intention of becoming a leader in the field of concrete and structural restoration.

Polycrete has developed and maintained a reputation for completing successful, cost-effective and durable repair work on all types of concrete and other structures, including:

  • Parking garages
  • Shopping centres, commercial buildings and high rise buildings
  • Multi-family and single-family residences
  • Manufacturing and warehousing facilities
  • Docks and marine shipping facilities
  • Wastewater treatment and outfall structures
  • City, municipal and transportation infrastructure
  • Heritage buildings
  • Impact or earthquake damaged concrete
  • Fire damaged structures
  • Post-tensioned concrete structures
  • Glued laminated wood beams and other wood structural components

Our estimating and management team members, aided by our senior technicians, are able to quickly determine appropriate and cost-effective repair methods for projects that others often regard as impossible. Our senior technicians are encouraged to develop specialized equipment and procedures that enable us to undertake unusual or difficult projects. Expert crews are able to respond promptly to situations where repair of concrete or other structural materials is required because of impact, explosion or fire damage.

Repair and restoration procedures used include:

  • Removal of deteriorated concrete by percussive methods, shotblast digging, hydrodemolition or hydromilling as appropriate
  • Preparation of exposed reinforcing steel by abrasive blasting
  • Installation of additional reinforcing, including epoxy grouted dowel bars
  • Installation of new concrete using conventional form-and-pour procedures, shotcrete, or hand-placed repair mixes as appropriate
  • Waterproofing of parking decks or balconies using liquid applied traffic deck waterproofing coating systems
  • Installation of expansion joint systems for new construction or retrofit/repair projects
  • Restoration and waterproofing of plaza decks, including landscaping upgrades
  • Installation of new expansion joint systems, or repair and upgrading of existing expansion joints
  • Structural bonding and waterproofing of cracks or honeycombing in concrete using epoxy pressure injection.
  • Repair of delaminations in glued laminated beams or wood structural components using epoxy pressure injection
  • Non-structural waterproofing of leaks in water containment structures using acrylate hydrogel injection
  • Top surface preparation of concrete slabs by shotblasting, grinding or polishing
  • Sealing of concrete floors, ramps and bridge decks
  • External reinforcing of structural components using carbon fibre or glass fibre reinforced polymer materials, or added steel reinforcing.

Much of Polycrete’s work is performed as specified by owners’ engineering or architectural consultants. All concrete work is done in accordance with ICRI (International Concrete Repair Institute) standards or other applicable standards. Only proven, high quality repair procedures and materials are used.