Waterproofing in Vancouver

Why do you need Waterproofing in Vancouver or Coquitlam?

One of the least suspected, yet largest potential risks of damage for Vancouver structures is water damage. In Vancouver, structural exposure to water is inevitable due to our humid climate and large amounts of rainfall. Therefore, if your structure is exposed to the elements in Vancouver, it is necessary to consider waterproofing your structure to maintain longevity and safety. Even though your structure may need little to no waterproofing, it is best to talk to an expert and receive advice from experienced professionals. When it comes to a structural investment, it is wise to be cautious and research damage prevention measures, including services like waterproofing.

Risks Related to not Waterproofing

It may be a major risk not waterproofing your structure in Vancouver. Water damage from leaks can be one of the most expensive forms of damage to repair. It is best to take preventative waterproofing measures to avoid these expensive repairs. Water can penetrate structural crevices and cavities, building saturation in tight spaces. Often it is too late when the water is discovered – the damage from the moisture is done. At the very least, moisture build up will cause odors or mold. More serious risks occur when water build up warps, deteriorates, shrinks or splits structural pieces.


The cost of implementing preventative waterproofing technologies is much less than the potential cost to restore a water damaged structure. If you’re concerned on the costs of waterproofing your building or structure, feel free to talk to one of our experts to get a more accurate estimate. Our experts are experienced in all types of Vancouver structures and can answer your questions on the risks of not waterproofing.

Talk to Polycrete – Vancouver’s Experts in Waterproofing

Is water leakage a concern for your parking deck, balcony, plaza deck, cracks in concrete and more? If so, then do not wait any longer. Contact our experts at Polycrete Restorations today. Polycrete Restorations has been a leading provider of waterproofing for structures of all sizes and types for years in Vancouver. Our trusted team has helped prevent damages caused by water on many large scale projects. Our waterproofing efforts have saved companies from significant damage and restoration costs that would have been caused by water damage.


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