Expansion Joints

Protect the Integrity of Your Structure with Expansion Joints in Vancouver

What are Expansion Joints?

Expansion joints are a crucial component to maintaining the integrity of a structure. Expansion joints in Vancouver are placed in mid-points within the structure, and are designed to reduce the amount of physical stress caused by:

  • Expansion and contraction as a result of temperature fluctuations
  • Physical movement caused by wind gusts, seismic activity and other related events

Why are Expansion Joints necessary?

  • Weather: Expansion joints in Vancouver are particularly necessary given the erratic weather in the region. With the amount of temperature fluctuation that occurs, it’s essential to have expansion joints installed to allow your structure to effectively expand and contract without causing damage. Expansion joints also prevent water ingress between the structures.
  • Seismic Movement: As seismic activity occurs within Vancouver and the surrounding region, it’s of the utmost importance to have expansion joints to protect the integrity of one’s structure. Without them, the likelihood of structural failure and damage is likely.
  • Bridges: With a high number of vehicles travelling across bridges every day, it’s important to have expansion joints to mitigate all of the motion and vibration caused by vehicles.

Install or Repair Expansion Joints Today

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