Civil Works

Civil Works

Leaks through expansion joints or cracks in concrete are a common problem in water treatment plants and reservoirs. Another common problem is concrete deterioration caused by attack of the concrete by acidic gases or by corrosion of reinforcing steel.

Polycrete has a long history of completing successful and durable repairs for these problems using innovative and detailed repair procedures such as concrete removal and replacement, installation of shotcrete liners, installation of waterproofing coating systems, epoxy pressure injection of leaking cracks and construction joints and other procedures based on site conditions.

Repair materials used by Polycrete for water containment structures are approved by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) for use with potable water.

Some of the projects that we have completed are:

  • Water tunnels and water filtration plant, North Vancouver – epoxy pressure injection and
  • acrylate hydrogel injection to eliminate water leaks
  • Iona Island wastewater treatment plant outfall pipes – concrete repairs by epoxy pressure injection, expansion joint repairs, removal of obsolete outfall control structure components, shotcrete lining of outfall control structure
  • Annacis Island wastewater treatment plant – concrete repairs and expansion joints installation
  • Lulu Island wastewater treatment plant, Richmond – digester lining
  • JAMES wastewater treatment plant, Abbotsford – digester repairs and shotcrete lining
  • Lions Gate wastewater treatment plant, North Vancouver – digester floor joint sealing
  • Whistler Reservoir – leak repairs
  • Simon Fraser University water tower, Burnaby – leak repairs
  • Princeton reservoir – leak repairs
  • Port Mann water tunnel, Surrey to Coquitlam – shotcrete lining